1) Institutional & Policy Levels

The involvement of the Egyptian supreme council of universities, Ministry of Higher Education as well as well-known universities will ensure the institutional sustainability of the developed master program. The supreme council of universities will accredit GIEP. Adapting the program to the bylaws of the involved universities will ensure its sustainability. These actions will make the program an integral part of the offered university programs.

2) Financial Sustainability and source of funding are

A: University Budget

Once the program is approved and accredited by the supreme council of universities as a "special post-graduate program", the university will allocated the necessary budget for running it. Considering that the university professors and all the administration teams are paid from the university budget, the need for additional funding is necessary to cover the over-time, maintenance of equipment and other running costs related to GIEP. 

B: Students’ Fees

The GIEP has the potential to self-sustain because "special post- graduate programs" are allowed to take fees (about 1500 Euro/Year/Student). These types of programs are encouraged by the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education. The model has been proved to be successful in Egypt over the last 10 years. Assuming the program will receive 30 students to cover about 45,000 Euro/year/university. The consortium will try to get from the private sector scholarships for all qualified students applying for GIEP.